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Prices from £450


Lip Enhancement consists of the enlargement and reshaping of thinner to normal lips to improve their dimensional relation with the patient’s nose, teeth, and surrounding facial structures. The appearance of the lips is determined by the spatial relation of the lip structures with the teeth.

Mr Ferrando uses Juvéderm® Ultra Smile filler to plump up and even out lips. This creates soft, full lips with no lumping. This particular filler is especially dedicated to the lips and mouth area and is selected to enhance lip volume, redefine lip shape and to treat vertical lip lines and depressions at the corner of the mouth.

Mr Ferrando has been using Juvéderm® Fillers for many years and believes that Juvéderm® products are superior to other products on the market. He will always use the best advanced aesthetic treatments for his patients.

The filler is injected in small amounts, through a very fine needle, allowing for precision and minimising trauma to the lips. The Lip Enhancement treatment normally takes about 30 minutes and results last six months. The end result will be fuller, younger looking lips with a natural appearance.

After the procedure, you may experience some swelling, which will go away in one to two days. While your lips are swollen you should avoid exposing them to extreme heat or cold beverages.

Risks and Side Effects
Non-surgical procedures may carry certain risks and side effects. Even though they are rare you should be aware of them before making your decision. Mr. Ferrando will talk you through any possible risks and side effects at his consultations as they will vary depending on the patient’s skin, body shape, age, condition and lifestyle.

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