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Micro needling involves the delivery of precise wounds to the skin using a specialized tip with thin needles and vacuum. The pricks to the skin’s dermal layers serve to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin. Recovery is fast - a matter of 12 hours during which time the treated skin appears slightly pink in color while it is being repaired from within.

Micro needling treatments can be performed alone, but a series of 3-6 treatments at two weeks intervals are often recommended to maximize the clinical outcome. Each minimally invasive procedure is performed within a 60-minute session.

The healing process is quick and painless. Mild skin redness and swelling (like a sunburn) is expected but resolves within 12 hours. Skin care products to enhance the results from the micro needling procedure are recommended in order to maximize the benefits of the treatment. Makeup can be applied the following day. Favorable clinical responses are often observed within 2-4 weeks after micro needling treatment as the collagen begins to form.


Single session (30 mins.)   £150.00

Course of 5 (+1 free)   £750.00

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